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Base on the group's digital intelligent factory system, the system includes four bits of intelligence: innovative production and processing center, intelligent warehousing and logistics, intelligent production control center, intelligent production execution process control, six platforms: decision-making, management, research and development, manufacturing, collaboration, integrated. Through digital simulation of the process, automatic analysis of engineering software, online error prevention of the manufacturing execution system, intelligent testing equipment, assembly, real-time quality monitoring of the entire production process, and precise control of production equipment is realized. The company insists on "Quality is life" and follows international quality systems such as ISO9000 and ISO14001 and international environmental quality systems. Product design, supplier selection, raw material inspection, production process inspection, finished product inspection, warehousing and transportation, and strict management and control are carried out. Achieve the traceability of the whole process of product manufacturing to ensure product quality and 100% product testing to provide customers with quality and service assurance.